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"They sent me the Premium Excel Map Spreadsheet and asked me to test it. All I can say is: WOW! I mapped my data in just minutes and the result was perfect. I'm not returning it anymore, even though they have asked me to. Today it is my go-to-app for mapping data"

Max Jester, CEO Hochfein

Premium Excel Maps
A new way to Map your Data easily.

Map your Data in Excel

Paste your data in the Premium Excel Map spreadsheet and view it on beautiful premium maps. The spreadsheet is highly customizable and can be adjusted to your needs.


100% Microsoft Excel

Premium Excel Maps work just with Excel. You do not need to install any other Software. Just download our product and you can start mapping your data right away.


Detailed Premium Maps

All maps are hand drawn in perfect quality. Labels of all states, countries and capitals are included. We're not taking shortcuts when it comes to quality, why should you?


Super Easy to Use

The complete product has been developed to be easy to use and shrink the workflow to a minimum of your time. The main focus is to give you fast professional result. Read more about our data mapping idea below.


Great in Word and PowerPoint

Paste your Maps to PowerPoint presentations or Word documents or paste them into Brochures and Catalogs. The high quality maps look good everywhere.


Works with any kind of Data

Map company sales, populations, diseases or facebook fans. It doesn't matter, because Premium Excel Maps shows any kind of data in a clear, intuitive way.

"Creating Data Maps always has been a lot of work for me. Now I just paste the numbers and view my map. What else can I say; you saved me hours of work. Thanks!"

Tom Houston, Research Institute

Data Maps created within Premium Excel Maps

100% Excel - no plugins required

Show any kind of data on high quality, resizable maps with just some clicks and enhance any brochure, document or presenation.


Easy Data Mapping in Excel
3 Simple Steps to your Data Map


Paste or import your Data

Paste your data into the Premium Excel Map spreadsheet. If you have not already structured your data, assign values to countries or states.

Customize your Legend

Generate your legend with an unlimited number of value ranges and colors. Premium Excel Map will automatically map your data specified by your colors and value ranges.

View your Data Map

View your Map in MS Excel and integrate it in Excel reports, PowerPoint presentations, brochures or send it as a picture via email.

Watch how it works.

See how easy data mapping can be.

Premium Excel Maps Spreadsheets have been developed on the job, because we needed a tool that makes data mapping fast and easy.

Excel Data Mapping

Excel data mapping

Excel Data Series

Multiple data series

Excel Legend and Colors

Legend and Colors

Periodical Excel reports

Periodical reports

Share Excel Maps

Share your maps

"A product, which helped us to improve our reporting quality tremendously."

Michael Chapman, CEO

100% Microsoft Excel

Works with Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer

Premium Excel Maps is fully based on Microsoft Excel. You can work with it right away without installing an external software. You do not have to ask your administrator for new rights or installation. Just download a Premium Excel Map and you are ready to go.

Why you should use Excel for mapping?

  • Nearly every company has a license for Excel already
  • You do not need to buy a new software for mapping
  • You can use your skills instead of learning a new software
  • Excel integrates perfect in other programs like PowerPoint, Word or Access

Integrates with Microsoft Office

Show your maps in other documents like PowerPoint and Word

Add New Data Series to your map for periodical updates. Show your data maps in your reports, documents or presentations. With Premium Excel Maps you have all the flexibility you ever wanted to have. Because it is based on Excel you can paste your maps in other documents.

Share Excel Maps

Share your maps

Integrate maps anywhere. Hiqh quality, print ready maps.
"Worth every penny. Easy, fast, great results. I recommend this to everyone, who want to spend more time on analyzing than creating your maps. Finally we have a tool that really works!"

Tim Parker, Graphic Designer

Automated data plotting for multiple series

Automated Plotting

Add New Data Series to your map for periodical updates. You may want to update your data maps on a regular basis. Let's say you have to create a monthly presentation or report. For this we added the functionality to work with data series. Once you have setup your first data series and you are satisfied with your map you can add as many data series as you like. No limitations.

Switch through Data rows

One spreadsheet includes all your data!

You can add all your data in just one spreadsheet and fill your maps with fresh data in seconds. On the map sheet you can use the comfortable dropdown menu to switch through your series and view your map updating accordingly.

Excel Data Series

Multiple data series

Watch how easy it is to map data.

Easy update and data integration

Create periodical maps in seconds
If you have to create reports on a regular base and receive data from different sources, here are good news for you. Premium Excel Maps Spreadsheets can be setup to align with your report data. Just paste or connect your data and your will create daily, weekly or monthly maps in just seconds.

Periodical Excel reports

Periodical reports

Learn more about creating periodical reports
"Woooowwww. Nothing compares to this. It just works like advertised and the final results are outstanding. Great tool for every excel user. Thumbs up!"

Arthur Smith, Public Relations Manager

Premium high quality maps include labels for Countries and Capitals

Excel Map Details Excel Map Details

All Premium Excel Maps are precisely hand drawn. We've ensured that the quality is the best you can get. We also added labels for Countries or States and include the most important cities as well as capitals. These maps always deliver an outstanding appearance in any report, catalog, brochure or presentation.

Resize without losing quality.
Print ready.

All Excel maps can be risized to any format you need. The high quality maps can used for print in brochures, catalogs or your master thesis. We put a lot of effort in the quality of our Excel maps so that you won't have any trouble.

If you like to show your maps on a HD projector e.g. events, exhibitions or meetings, the maps will always show a professional result you can rely on. You will never have blurry maps.

Switch through Data rows
"Thanks. With all the fine tuning you can do in this excel file, I will recommend your product with confidence to everyone. "

Ursula Weber, Finance Manager

Highest fexlibility with all kinds of colors, gradients and legends. Always be flexible.

Excel Map colorful

Unlimited colors

Define legend colors and ranges without any limitations

Legend ranges
When we started with data mapping some years ago and used several software programs, we had always been limited by the legends options. Either with color limitations or limitations according to data ranges and steps. Now with Premium Excel Maps we do not have any limitations at all. You can use as many different colors as you like and as many ranges as you need. You can also define custom values for each step.

Ultimate Gradient Creator
For those who are not familiar with color codes in Excel we added a gradient creator. You can pick any color and create different gradients with just one click.

Excel Legend and Colors

Legend and Colors

Learn more about the legendfeature in detail.

Use any kind of data

Map currencies, percentages or other values.

Premium Excel Map spreadsheets can map any kind of data. It doesn't matter if you like to map percentages, currencies or nominal values like colors. That's the benefit of using Excel. Our data maps accept all kinds of data and will show it brilliantly.

"Your spreadsheet itself is great, easy to use and works perfect. Saves my hours of work every day."

Norman Block, Data Analyst.

How to Guide included.

Premium Excel Maps How to Guide with many extensive information.

An extensive How To Guide is delivered with every Premium Excel Maps product. All functions are explained in an understandable and easy way. It also includes many step by step tutorials and samples how you can create your maps in a professional way.

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