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World Maps

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  1. World Map for Excel

    World Excel Map

    Premium Excel Maps of the World for mapping your data in Excel. Learn More
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Download Excel World Maps for mapping your Data

Do you know you can map your Excel data according to all the countries where you have active operations? With PremiumExcelMaps, you can easily create visually rich Excel Map of the world with your Microsoft Excel data.

PremiumExcelMaps does not require downloads or external connections to sources such as Google and Bing, which means sensitive data about your business will not be exposed to the prying eyes of hackers and cybercriminals. Plus, everything is done on our maps, which is provided in a zip file when you buy the product. This map creates highly visual Excel maps in threes easy steps, so you won’t be spending any extra money for training staff to use it or buying additional software as everything takes place right in your Microsoft Excel application, which is owned by any business worth its salt.

PremiumExcelMaps is ideal for visualizing different types of data from every country of the world. It can be used by businesses, international organizations such as the UN, WHO, FAO, Red Cross, and other international agencies that deal with large amounts of country-specific data.

With PremiumExcelMaps, you have access to a copyrighted excel world map template that can be used in your business presentations, international conferences, and seminars. It is also perfect for promotional materials such as brochures and prospectus, meetings, website, infographics, and any other medium where you need to present large amounts of data in a concise and engaging style.

PremiumExcelMaps is perfect for presenting your sales data according to the currency of each country or as defined by you. It can also be used to show your margins for different countries or regions of the world, the territories where your marketing teams are making headways and where more efforts need to be put in place for optimal sales.

You can also use our editable world map to visualize potential for growth, new markets, income, and population according to each region where your organization is operational. For international organizations such as the World Health Organization, PremiumExcelMaps can be used to visualize the impact of food shortages, poverty, diseases, internal displacements, rising economic activity, population growth among others in a given region or the world at large.

Whether to show your market share in one part of the world or to visualize the level of literacy in a continent, PremiumExcelMaps is a powerful tool to help stakeholders get the most important details in a large amount of data.

PremiumExcelMaps is easy to use and offers the full flexibility of Excel because everything you need is executed in Microsoft Excel. Additionally, all the maps are copyright property so you will never run into any trouble using the maps for all your presentations and correspondences anywhere in the world.

In three easy steps, PremiumExcelMaps shows your data in a detailed country or region-specific world excel map. Plus, you can edit the map, update the data, print, send, and export and more.

PremiumExcelMaps is a potent tool that increases the utility and functionality of your Excel software. It’s easy to use, requires no software download, and highly affordable.