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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here we provide you the frequently asked questions about our Excel Maps. If you cannot find an answer for your question, please contact us.

Which Microsoft Excel Versions are supported by your poducts?

All our products support Microsoft Office Version 2007, 2010 and newer. Premium Excel Maps do not run on MS Excel 2003 or prior versions.

Do I need to install a software in order to work with your product?

No. You do not have to install any software on your PC. Premium Excel Maps Products just use Standard MS Excel. Just open your map in MS Excel and you start working.

Can I use your product at home and in my company?

Yes. Every Premium Excel Maps product comes with one seat standard license. You can use one copy at work and one copy at home. If you like to use our product for your whole organization or company, please add a company license to the map product.

Do you offer a refund?

Since Premium Excel Maps is offering non-tangible irrevocable digital goods we do not issue refunds of our products. By making a purchase on our site, you are responsible for understanding these terms. If there is an error with the product that renders it useless we will of course consider offering a refund.

Do you store my purchased file?

Yes.We store your files for you, so you can download and even re-download your files in your free account anytime. In case of a pc crash you can always come back and download your purchased files again.

Can I publish your maps on my website, blog or in my brochure?

Yes. You are allowed to publish the generated map as long as you do not distribute the product or give it away for free.

Do you offer support after purchase?

Yes. Please send us an email to support@premiumexcelmaps.com below for support questions. We are GMT+1, and normally reply within 12-24h on normal workdays. In order to give you the best possible support, please be as detailed as possible.

Do you offer maps for Microsoft PowerPoint as well?

Yes. You can find maps for Microsoft PowerPoint on www.premiumslides.com.

Can I distribute your maps?

If you like to sell our maps, please join our free affiliate program and receive commision on every referred sale. Join now