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We know that our Excel Data Maps can be crucial for your business reports. That's why we've thoroughly tested our products to make sure they perform and work great. If you need assistance or run into any issues, please see below for more details or have a look at our faq page.


Contact support

Please send us an email to support@premiumexcelmaps.com below for support questions. We are GMT+1, and normally reply within 12-24h on normal workdays. In order to give you the best possible support, please be as detailed as possible. Explanatory screenshots is often a great benefit, and if relevant you can also include your excel file.
To increase your chances of us being able to help you, please send us:
  • Brief explanation of the issue - Enough details to reproduce the issue in Excel
  • Your Excel spreadsheet
  • Screenshots describing the issue
  • Your Excel version and language